Pakistan Soap Manufacturers Association is the representative Trade Organization established as a non-political and non-profit earning association, with the object to unite the Manufacturers of Soap, Detergents and its allied products and to promote their business interests keeping in view the high ethical standards.  The Association envisages undertaking the following short term & long term activities, after renewal of Licence under the Trade Organization Ordinance 2013.


In our Short Term Plan, we provide assistance to our members in solving their day-to-day problem / difficulties being faced by them and approaching the concerned Government departments / Ministries / Agencies in provinces and at the Federal level.


  • Every year we hold an Annual General Meeting followed by Dinner in the month of September, in which soap manufacturing members from all regions of Pakistan participate to discuss various matters and formulate strategy for betterment of soap industry. At the event we arrange to invite high officials of Government, such as Chairman-FBR / Member Custom-FBR or Collector of Customs / President-FPCC&I as a Chief Guest and other Guests of Honor.
  • We arrange Meetings of Managing Committee after every two months, in which most urgent matters are discussed as per given agenda points relating to soap industry.
  • We issue Press Releases highlighting various problems faced by soap industry; various newspapers make coverage of the statements of Association’s Chairman.


The prospective members of the Association are carrying out their business activities in almost all cities and towns of Pakistan. Presently, membership of the Association presents the Manufacturers of Soap and its allied products. However, the Association is very keen and is also making efforts to encourage the membership of small Traders throughout Pakistan so that the Membership may be completed.


Besides the efforts to enhance the Membership and extend the services in all Major cities, the Association shall resort to set up various Committees, comprising of its members and the members of the Executive Committee to carry out such functions as may be contained in the term of reference of every committee.


The Association will introduce the modern techniques for its   Members for Manufacturing of Soap and its allied products to make them more competitive with International Standards. As the products of the members are being exported throughout the world wherever it is required. Association will   keep on advising the Members on use of safety measures at and about the useful tools. This will also be done through issuance of   news letters and leaf lets, etc. from time to time.



  1. Alhamdolillah we participated as organizer in Pakistan Edible Oil Conference (PEOC) while the first conference of its kind was held last year in Pakistan. Getting encouragement from the overwhelming success of PEOC 2016, we jointly organized PEOC-2017. This is really an honor for Pakistan and for whole Soap Industry & Edible Oil Industry to stage this global event and hopefully will continue on yearly basis. This will certainly improve the global image of Pakistan and improve the industrial knowledge. PEOC has organized with the joint efforts of Pakistan Vanaspati Manufacturers Association (PVMA), All Pakistan Solvent Extractors Association (APSEA), Pakistan Edible Oil Refiners Association (PEORA) & now the honor also goes to Pakistan Soap Manufacturers Association (PSMA) as the name of this Association has been included as organizers in the year 2017. No doubt PSMA participation has not only given us an encouragement but has also added value to our conference and made this event milestone for industrial development of Pakistan. I would also like to acknowledge the support of the valued members of our Association who have indeed played a significant role in the success of the conference by sponsoring and participating. PSMA will also participate in PEOC-2018 with the kind support of our National & Multinational members.
  2. Some prominent members of PSMA participated Palm and Lauric Oils Price Outlook Conference & Exhibition (POC-2017) held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from March 6-8, 2017 in which oils and fats industry from more than 50 countries were participated.


Our Association has already laid down 2 milestones by holding 2 successful Exhibitions on consumable items in the past. The Exhibition of Soap, Detergent & its allied products shall encourage soap manufacturers for specific standard and to educate the public in the selection and use of standard soaps in the interest of national health, hygiene and economy. Moreover our members would like to explore the export opportunities. Once the Association attains the desired strength of Members and improve up its financial position, we have planned to hold another Exhibition of Soap and its allied products next year with the support of TDAP.


We are planning to arrange a Seminar to highlight the Importance of Education in Pakistan, as now the time has come that we all stand together to revolutionize our society to educate every one and once our children of tomorrow will be educated no nation in the world can ever think of defeating ourselves in any field. In this connection our Association is making efforts and we hope that the dream of universal education for every Pakistani will come true.


Our Association is planning to improve the Library by adding related books and Magazine for up to date information of the prices of Soap Raw Materials and global development relating to Soap Industry.


The Association shall keep an eye on the day to day developments relating to the Soap & allied items manufacturing and its Marketing and Trade. It will serve as bridge between the Manufacturers and Traders. The Association will also closely monitor the economic indicators and advise the members on the emerging risks and opportunities on periodical basis. The Association will undertake such other functions as may be   warranted from time to time in the best interest of the Members.


The Association is already exercising maximum austerity in the expenditures. The Executive Committee shall ensure that that it   strives its utmost to enhance the financial resources of the Association firstly by broadening The Membership base and secondly raising the Admission and Membership fee with the consent and cooperation of the Members. At the same time the Association shall exercise maximum budgetary control on expenditures, so as the promotion of the cause of Association and productive activities. FUNDING FOR PLAN OF ACTIVITIESThe estimated budget for our short term, routine and future plan of activities is about Rupees four million, which shall be meet with our own resources, as our Association has made long-term investment of Rupees 5 million, may be seen in the Balance Sheet of our Audit Report submitted you earlier. If the more amounts needed for our Future Plan of Activities, we shall contribute from our members.