Soap Industry is a very well established industry in Pakistan, which not only meets the entire needs of the country but also export a part of its production to Middle East & African Countries. Although the Business climate withered under the sweeping sections and counter measures that the Pakistan Government unleashed to salvage tattered economy of the country. In short, poor economic scenario triggered panic in the country, but Soap Industry not only generating huge revenue to the Government but also raising level of production and stem growing unemployment in the country.

There are approximately 600 Factories making Soap and employing 250,000 workers in Pakistan, 450 in unorganized sector & more than 150 in organized sector. The Total production of Soap is estimated approx. 1,250,000 Metric Ton per year.

The objects for which the Association is incorporated are:

  • To protect, promote, aid, encourage and develop the soap & allied industries throughout Pakistan.
  • To encourage, promote, inculcate and foster spirit of friendliness, unity and co-operation and cordial business and trade relations and dealings among persons engaged in the manufacture, trade and business of Soap and allied articles as well as soap raw materials;
  • To encourage manufacture of soaps to specific standards and to educate the public in the selection and use of standard soaps in the interest of national health, hygiene, and economy;
  • To become member and co-operate with other institution or institutions having objects similar to those of this Association and to seek affiliations with the Federations of Pakistan, Chamber of Commerce & Industry;
  • To arrange for and encourage the training of Technical personnel in the interest of the Soap Industry and when practicable;
  • To arrange for adequate financing of the members on suitable terms and conditions, if possible;
  • To secure and accept subscriptions, donations, subsidies, gifts, endowments and properties, and generally to obtain money and property for the objects of the Association ; and to invest, apply or deal with the same in such manner as may be deemed expedient;
  • To assist members in all possible ways ordinarily, and particularly when their business, interest or trade is affected, prejudiced or jeopardized;
  • To suggest, promote or oppose legislative and other measures bearing upon Soap Industry and to obtain changes and improvements in the Laws and Bye-Laws that are detrimental to the Soap Industry;
  • To collect useful information and statistics and to supply the same to the members of the Association or to the Government or to others who are concerned;
  • To obtain sanctions, privileges, advantages, relief co¬¨-operation etc, from any authority in the interest of the Soap Industry;
  • To establish and maintain a Library for the members, when possible;
  • To do all such lawful things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above-specified objects or any one or more of them.